Alright Sydney, we love you! Put em up! Put em up!” intoned fraternal Dutch DJ duo Showtek at the end of their set during last weekend’s Sydney leg [day] of Stereosonic, apparently (and appropriately) unconscious to the all-in, all-up melee that was being waged in both the crowd before them and in the seventh circle of my own personal Hell at the same time.

Caught on camera and published for your discerning critique by Stereosonic Exposed Videos, the footage depicts – what’s an appropriate collective noun? – a clusterfuck of idiots going to town on and around each other, despite a considerable security presence rallying after one man is left temporarily unconscious.

You are a truly beautiful crowd,” continue Showtek, their banter acting as an unnervingly oblivious soundtrack to the action that unfolds over close to three minutes in the video below. 

For once last time tonight: hands up! Hands up! Hands up!

H/T Stoney Roads