This Bananas Website Lets You Easily Make Ridic Mash-Ups Of 2000s Hits

Remember the 2000s? They were an innocent carefree time where people wore hoop earrings and big jeans and Donald Trump was still just the startlingly orange host of a reality TV show mainly watched by middle managers. Things were different then.
While the carefree joy of our youth might be dead and buried, the hits remain with us and will continue to do so until our kids are furious at us because won’t stop playing lame music by a band called “Smashed Mouth”.
In what is clearly a celebration of what can only be described as a short renaissance for popular music, some genius has put together a web app that will handily mash-up some of the 2000’s greatest hits for you with a cute little drag-and-drop interface.
The Magic iPod gives you two columns of certified bangers that you can blend together, paired apparently based on their BPM but also possibly some other inscrutable factors. Ever wanted to hear ’99 Problems’ over ‘Bring Me To Life’? It’s your lucky date, mate.
You can check the whole thing out right here. In the spirit of awesome generosity, they’ve foregone getting ad revenue in lieu of a humble request for punters to give a donation to the American Civil Liberties Union, who do some really amazing work.
The 2000s will never die.