As any frequenter of camping festivals will know, tents are the fucking worst: setting the damn thing up, only to realise an extra pole that’s probably vital to its infrastructure is somehow left over. Then, two or three days later when you’re coming down like a bitch, having to dismantle it all.
So shite is the whole process that one is four festival goers worldwide leave their tent behind after an event, which makes for a much more comfortable trek home but is bad news for the environment.
Clever Dutch startup KarTent has answered your prayers for a less infuriating alternative with its beaut 100% recyclable cardboard tent, which will be pitched for the first time in ‘Straya at the Yours and Owls festival in Wollongong this September, after yuuuuuuge success on the European festival scene.
Not only is the nifty KarTent a breeze to transport because it’s light as a feather, it’s much friendlier on the environment; unlike your traditional tent, it *can* be left behind without adding to non-biodegradable garbage and landfill. 
It’s much more energy-efficient in its production, too, emitting just half the amount of carbon dioxide of a traditional tent.
We know what you’re thinking: what if it rains? That thing won’t stand a chance against Splendour sludge.
THINK AGAIN. Thanks to its effective design and use of materials, the KarTent can absorb to 400% of its own weight in water, meaning it can hold its own against even the wettest of conditions, as proven at some very rainy European festivals last year.
Best of all, Wollongong City Council has

committed to recycling all the tents pitched at Yours and Owls as garden mulch.

Scrap that: best of all, you can crack out a Sharpie and draw endless amounts of dicks and stuff on your tent.
The pre-pitched KarTent option sleeps 2 people and will set you back $90; if you don’t do maths, that’s $45 each for three nights of accommodation with a minimal environmental footprint.
Keep yours eyes trained on Yours and Owls’ official site for more info and tix. 
Photo: Supplied.