Third ‘Florence + The Machine’ Show Added, Opera House Site Crashes

Due to overwhelming demand a third Florence + The Machine show has added to the How Big Tour on Sunday the 15th of November.

Ben Marshall, Head of Contemporary Music at the Opera House, said of the original elusive chanteuse:

“Florence + The Machine’s titanic performance in the Concert Hall with the Ceremonial Orchestra for 2012’s Vivid Live is seared into my mind and I wasn’t sure if we’d ever get the chance to go one better and present her on the steps. So I’m genuinely honoured that this immense talent is returning for three monumental moments on the Opera House Forecourt. Florence + The Machine’s powerful, skyscraping tower of song will sound glorious across three late-spring evenings on the harbour this November.”

Unfortunately for anyone trying to lock down a ticket, you’ll instead be looking at a digital kiss with a fist:

We are currently experiencing congestion across the website due to huge demand for Florence + The Machine tickets….

Posted by Sydney Opera House on Sunday, 2 August 2015

Head HERE to try your luck. Otherwise, congrats to anyone able to get your hands on a ticket – you’ve got the <3

Lead image by Buda Mendes via Getty.