Think ‘Bout This: Kyle Sandilands Somehow Made It To Burning Man Before You

RIP Burning Man.

The festival was on its way out, tbh, what with all the Silicon Valley squillionaires chartering private helicopters to take them into the desert for the weekend where they can fuck models for 48 hours and pick sand out of their foreskin for a week.

But now, it is dead.

Kyle Sandilands went.

And we must not, will not, shit our beds.

Unfathomable rhymes aside, Kyle Sandilands and girlfriend Imogen Anthony attended the desert fest over the weekend, and it’s truly a terrifying experience.

Here is Imogen shaking her booty while a dragon vehicle drives by:

And here is Imogen practising her high kicks, before taking charge of the camera and turning it on Kyle.

As you can see, he’s gone for ‘Mad Max meets your dad’.

Here he is again. Kyle, I mean, not your dad.

You might have heard about Burning Man’s orgy dome, where over 5000 people were expected to enjoy the delights its delights. We have no proof that Kyle & Imogen entered the tent, but alternatively, they almost definitely did.

If you were thinking about going next year, you should know that Imogen said on Snapchat that she and Kyle wanted to get their own camp. Purchase tix at your own risk.
We were trawling through Imogen’s public Facebook page, looking for the video she said she’d post to see if there were any more shots of Kyle with a bandana across his mouth. Well, we found one, but it wasn’t *quite* want we meant.

Photo: Instagram / Imogen Anthony.