It’s with heads hanging a little heavier than usual and hearts positively teaming with both pride and hot dog remnants that we can now announce the winners of PEDESTRIAN.TV’s 2014 Blogster Awards powered by Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and Intel and supported by David Jones, all of whom were on hand last night in Sydney to celebrate The Internet (perhaps you’ve heard of it?) and those legends who are wielding it to the best of their ability and with excellent results.

Shout outs today go to our esteemed panel of A++ judges from DeliciousInside Out and Sunday Style, and, as always, our mates and major partners at Intel, Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and David Jones

Ample blessed vibes are also being forwarded in the direction of SKYY VodkaAlpha Box & DiceKopparbergQuiet Deeds and Scarlett’s Spritzers for facilitating an extremely chill libation situation.

Without further adieu, herewith – in their own words – are the best and brightest bloggers and their blogs in Australia for the 2014th Year of Our Blog.


“At Tucker we endeavour to become the go to place for home cooks and lovers of good food every day. With our unique focus on home cooking, insightful editorials, and a clean, modern aesthetic complementary of great photography, we will transcend the standard food website and offer something revolutionary.”


One of our beaut salads parading herself at Millstone Patisserie in Melbourne //

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“Wilddarts* began in 2012 as a typical ‘fashion blog’ and has developed into a site that focuses on beauty advice, how to’s and fashion editorial content whilst also having a journalistic view of fashun and beautay. Nowadays I feel as though fashion blogging is somewhat defined by personal style blogging however I feel like Wilddarts has a lot more to give. 

*Note the double D!”


Head in the clouds •• check my #flatlay for @pedestriantv online now! Don’t forget to vote for wilddarts!!

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“Music, done differently.”


“A sneak peak into the bedrooms of (eventually) 1000 people from around the world.”

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LIFESTYLE – GREENER RESOLUTIONS (also the recipient of David Jones’ ‘Extraordinary Blogger’ Prize)

“I started my blog and Instagram when I got sick with cancer in 2012 as 22-year-old. I turned my life around to beat cancer by switching over to a vegan, raw diet and integrating meditation and yoga as a daily staple. I believe this is why I beat cancer after being clinical dead for two minutes over Christmas 2012. I have now been in remission for six months and I share my life philosophies through yoga, healthy eating and mindful, positive thinking through my website, Instagram and Facebook page.”


4 years ago, to this day, I sat foot in Australia with nothing else than a job, 20kg’s of luggage & dreams much bigger than myself. 4 years later, and I think I’ve been through it all – The universe has thrown me curveballs I never knew if I’d make it through, but I’m so grateful it did otherwise I wouldn’t be where I am today nor the person I’ve become. No matter how hard it was to get up today, it was never a question where I needed to spend my morning, appreciating where I was, what I’ve been through and what I need to go through. Home is where the heart is – and mine has been in Australia since that very day 4 years ago and will continue to be so ??

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“Bondi Harvest is an online cooking channel created by two surfing buddies, celebrating fresh, local and seasonal food and a laid-back, healthy and aspirational Bondi lifestyle… seasoned with a few of life’s guilty pleasures!”


“Unfiltered ramblings of a delightfully offensive over sharer. Known for occasional, unreliable spates of “The Voice” live tweets. Fashion observer and velvet enthusiast. Defender of Delta, Taylor and Coldplay. Hints of an unhealthy emotional dependence on the state of Jay-Z and Beyonce’s marriage (if you really read between the tweets). This feed is a joke testing ground and most importantly a place to whore my blogs/gigs/kids. Will RT for Nutella.”


“There’s two of us who run Man of Many, Scott and Frank. We’re dedicated to showcasing the latest in products, culture and style. We are a giant wish-list of all the cool gear a guy could possibly want and we cover everything from gadget reviews, the latest fashion styles, men’s interest articles, cool videos, interviews with interesting people and more.”


Phibs and Peque – Sydney Australia #art #street #streetart #graffiti

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“We are two personal trainer sisters who specialise in training women. Not only do we live and breathe a healthy and fit lifestyle ourselves, we have helped women all over the world achieve their health and fitness goals.”


WEEKENDS?????? Woohoo it’s a long weekend!!! 3 days of catching up on life and we are so excited!!! Have an incredible weekend everyone, sending you lots of fun vibes and positive energy ?????? Wearing: @thisisfirstbase everything #basebodybabeslove #weekends #holidays #sisters #bff #blackandwhite #mesh #monochrome #basebodylife #basebodystyle #basebodybabes #happy #healthy #fit #strong #lovelivinghealthyeveryday

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Ultimate #BlogsterAwards winner bros @bondiharvest courtesy of @microsoftau + #intel and @davidjonesstore ??????

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