THE VOICE: Delta Goodrem Gives Zero Fucks, Walks Out On Jessie J

Australia’s love of The Voice runs counter to Australia’s ability to give a shit about anyone who has actually performed on The Voice. The higher the ratings get, the more we scratch our heads and try to remember the name of the nice young lad who won season two.

Something clearly keeps us tuning in, and as of right now, that something is a totally legit and definitely-not-manufactured cat-fight between judges Delta Goodrem and Jessie J, and holy shitballs you guys, it’s a doozy. 
ICYMI, last night, Delta, who has been serving icy, Princess Elsa-like death stares and bursting defensively into song all season long, straight up stormed off her spinny chair thing, after a confrontation with Jessie over, um … this:
Shit came very much to a head when the pair disagreed over critiques of Queensland singer Tamara O’Callaghan‘s performance. 
Jessie told her to stop doing Marilyn Monroe impressions and find her own voice, while Delta essentially told her to keep being a sparkly rainbow unicorn princess and not let anybody tell her different. 
Jessie disagreed, before learning that one does not simply disagree with Delta, or she makes this face. “It’s ENTERTAINMENT … you can be so heavy,” she said, slumping down in her chair to gather strength for the coming shitfight. 
The two kept critiquing over the top of each-other, determined to get the last word in, and a lot of bitch plz faces were exchanged. Behold Exhibit A:
And Exhibit B, from Delta, who can not even bring herself to look at Jessie right now:
As Jessie kept offering what seemed like fairly rational critiques and Delta countered with #blessings like “you’re a gorgeous human being and no-one’s going to take that away from who you are”, things took a turn.
“I’m over this shit,” Goodrem said, pulling off her earpiece. “I’m out.”
Jessie, with whom the troll is strong, straight-up apologised for her fellow judge’s behaviour …
… and Delta began channeling Devil Wears Prada-era Meryl Streep so hard we wept.
Finally, after serving sufficient face, she stormed off, a pair of nervous production assistants in tow. Poor Ricky Martin was confused and scared.
Jessie made her sorry-not-sorry face.
This lady could not even fucking handle it.
“I can’t sit there and watch artists be embarrassed on stage,” Goodrem later said. “I think I had, had enough of the tough love. I want to be someone who wants to encourage people’s dreams.” The pair later made a truce. 
The episode, BTW, pulled in a series-high of 1.824 million viewers. Below is Delta’s face as she realises ‘I made this happen … me … me MEEEEEEEEEE.” 
All shall tremble before Delta.