Look, flashing your boob on national television isn’t any woman’s *ideal* scenario.

But ‘The Voice’ finalist Tash Lockhart – whose nipple popped out to say hello, albeit very briefly, during Sunday night’s live finale – is taking it like someone who knows this is publicity money can’t buy.

‘The Voice’ Contestant Who Flashed Her Nip On TV Is Taking It Like A Champ

The 22-year-old Gold Coast singer sent social media into a spin when the incident occurred during her post-performance chat with host Sonia Kruger and mentor Ronan Keating, with whom she performed a duet.

It looks like her guitar strap pushed her dress across a ‘lil too much, revealing boobage.

“When I was standing on stage and hugged Ronan I felt a light breeze,” she told News Limited. “And I was like ‘That doesn’t feel normal’ and I did eventually pull it (the guitar) away. Then I completely forgot about it. I thought it was a little half-nip but I didn’t realise it was an entire tit but whatever! Everybody’s got nipples, it’s fine.”

You can watch the incident in full below (tbh you can barely see much):


Show producers apparently confiscated Tash’s phone in the middle of filming, so she wouldn’t be distracted / put off by the barrage of nip-related comments on social media before taking to the stage for a second performance.

In a statement today, a Channel 9 spokeswoman said it wasn’t all concerned about the wardrobe malfunction.

“It’s just live TV, we hope no one was offended,” she said.

As for Tash, she’s had the same amount of press – if not more – than the actual winner, Sydney architect Alfie Arcuri, so there’s no space for regret.

She told The Kyle and Jackie O Show it’s done wonders for her popularity.

“I’ve gone up 12,000 Instagram followers since that nip slip.”

HAHA im just going to leave this here ?? and Just for the record guys, I will be posting a video on my Facebook tonight- search Tash Lockhart and follow for video update on The nip slip. I personally find the entire thing hilarious

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Get them followers any way you can, gurl.

‘The Voice’ Contestant Who Flashed Her Nip On TV Is Taking It Like A Champ

Source: Sydney Morning Herald.

Photo: The Voice Australia.