The Vid For Kendrick & RiRi’s ‘Loyalty’ Is Here & Just Give Them The Oscar

Kendrick Lamar’s ‘DAMN‘ basically broke the internet when it dropped in April. It’s got rave reviews across the board, a 95% Metacritic rating, and the platinum certification to go with it. We cannot overstate this: it is a very, very good album.

And now, something to blow away what was left of fans’ minds: the video for ‘Loyalty‘, an absolute banger of a track featuring none other than Rihanna herself.

It is some high production values bullshit. The (plentiful) CGI in this clip is about ten times better than anything in War for the Planet of the Apes, with rooftop-dangling, literal street sharks, punch-ups, the ground turning to quicksand, and RiRi & Kendrick looking so good it’s impossible to take your eyes off ’em.

Basically, this is a movie, give them the Oscar, and wrap it up Hollywood – you’re done.

Watch the whole thing (several times) here: