The ‘Space Jam’ Soundtrack Is Dropping On Vinyl As God Himself Intended

In some kind of twisted, perfect blend of nostalgia, the goddamn ‘Space Jam‘ soundtrack is set to be re-released on vinyl as part of World Record Day.
Yes, that soundtrack, on that ridiculously outdated media format. The album that brought you R. Kelly’s ‘I Believe I Can Fly,whether you wanted it or not. 
And I did want it. I fucking love that song.
First released in 1996, the album went hextuple-platinum and reached #2 on the Billboard 200 chart. 
And while the film itself was actual wet hot garbage (sorry five-year old me, but it is BAD), the soundtrack kind of kicked ass; on top of Kelly’s certified banger, it featured icons such as Seal, Busta Rhymes, Monica, Salt-N-Pepa, and Barry White. 
Now, the official list of albums for Record Store Day 2017, set for April 22nd, has been announced, and along with the expected re-releases of David Bowie, Prince and a fuckload of other icons, the one true ‘Space Jam’ album will find a second life in vinyl.
Unfortunately, the album has only been confirmed for American record stores; the Australian site, while featuring some killer stuff like local legends A.B. Original, doesn’t list ‘Space Jam’ anywhere.
But hey, you can always try contacting your local store, and who knows? Maybe they’ll know a guy who knows a guy who knows how you can get this onto your record player.
But mark my words: there is absolutely zero chance this thing does not sell out. So maybe just keep an eye out for it on eBay.
That, or do like Kelly does, and spread your wings and fly away.
Source: AV Club / Vulture.
Photo: The ‘Space Jam’ website. Yes, it still exists.