The Rolling Stones Confirm 2014 Australian Tour

Satisfaction is ours at last.

The Rolling Stones have finally decided to stop fucking with us already and revealed details of a March 2014 Australian tour, validating Adelaide’s inclusion in Lonely Planet’s list of the top ten cities in the world to visit in 2014 by announcing the first (and so far only) date of that tour to take place at the revamped Adelaide Oval on March 22nd.

“It’s great to be invited to Adelaide to open the historic Oval,” Mick Jagger said, pretending he knew where Adelaide was. “We’re really looking forward to doing this gig, it will be the first time we’ve been to Adelaide in nearly 20 years, so see you there!”    

“Hi everyone down in Adelaide, it’s been a while since we were in your back yard,”
Keith Richards added, saying words that definitely came out of his mouth. “See you on March 22 when we’ll take over your new stadium and make it our own, look forward to it”.

The yet to be announced Australian shows will probably include Melbourne and Sydney with Fairfax hearing whispers that “Melbourne will be hosting two Stones gigs on the 2014 tour. At least one Sydney gig is planned although more could be added, with demand for tickets likely to be strong, although ticket prices are expected to be expensive.”

We know that last part to be true with general admission tickets for the Adelaide show starting at $79. Tickets go on sale at 9:00am ACST Monday, 25th November.

Watch this space…