The Offspring (The Band) Trolls Fans Of Channel Ten’s ‘Offspring’ After Character Dies

Haven’t really spent too much time with the presumably heartwarming/wrenching Channel Ten medical drama series Offspring but according to the wailing denizens of The Internet something very not cool happened to one of the show’s most handsome beloved characters (spoiler alert: DEATH BY CONVENIENTLY TIMED MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT, apparently) who maybe people loved more than the other dude speculated to die in the episode’s promo videos? I don’t know. That’s what I feel like has happened as someone who has never really watched this show before.

Anyway, here to offer some measure of comfort to those devastated by what they witnessed in their living rooms last night are The Offspring (the similarly named band) who bore the brunt of everyone’s #emotional #baggage last night when fans of the show unwittingly directed their tweets at the prank-prone Cali pop punk quartet responsible for “Pretty Fly For A White Guy” instead of the Australian medical drama series starring the most likeable human being in the southern hemisphere.

Easy mistake to make, you guys.

The band’s responses are kind of the greatest thing ever and something we want to put into a time capsule for future generations to appreciate.


Via triple j