The ‘Net Is Dead Cert This Cryptic Site Is Hinting At A 2017 Daft Punk Tour

Those of you aware of both a) time, and b) numbers would probably have already put two and two together on this one. But those who haven’t cottoned on just yet, here’s the skinny on this sitch.
Daft Punk – the incredibly elusive duo who, bless their sweet hearts, deadset do not feel like touring 99% of the time – have not toured since 2007, when they put out their ‘Alive 2007‘ live album. That tour, in turn, ended a decade-long tour absence dating back to the ‘Alive 1997‘ live album.
Next year happens to be 2017.
You get where this is going.
The phenomenally great duo is more than likely gearing up to hit a big world tour next year, with rumours suggesting that an accompanying third live album will follow close behind.
These rumours have been all-but confirmed thanks to the appearance of an unassuming-looking website at, which features little more than the world ‘Alive‘ against a black screen at first glance.
But like all things Daft Punk, there’s more to it than initially meets the eye. A closer inspection of the website reveals a countdown clock half-hidden in the ‘I’, which is ticking down to a time either on, or around, October 27th.
Further still, intrepid users of the internet (Reddit and Tumblr, basically) have picked apart the website and found some interesting little morsels of *something* hidden in the site’s source code.
That block of numbers in the left-hand column all equate to co-ordinates for world cities: Paris, Los Angeles, London, New York, Tokyo, Sao Paulo, Ibiza, and Indio (the site of the annual Coachella festival).
The right hand column is throwing up even more head-scratching who-knows-what-it-means hints. That string of numbers near the top are actually galactic coordinates that point to the Andromeda galaxy, the significance of which is thus far unknown.
Meanwhile “//SHEP LOGGED OUT” is also of note: Shep is a character from Daft Punk’s animated musical film ‘Interstella 5555,’ which was the feature length stitched-together version of all those badass anime clips from their 2001 album ‘Discovery.’
For what it’s worth, there is the suggestion that this website in its entirety is little more than a hoax, owing to the website’s WhoIs search returning a batch of hosting and ownership info for the domain name that’s largely inconsistent with Daft Punk’s normal online movements.
But still, you wouldn’t put it past them to throw up a little misdirection on the obvious first search, just to throw people off the trail a bit.
But no matter what, come the 27th, we’ll all find out what’s going on one way or the other.
Source: Genius.
Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty.