The Killers were a huge band back in the days when The O.C.was by far the most superior television program and if you had a flip phone you were basically God. 
Nevertheless, the Las Vegas band are responsible for irritably catchy tunes like Mr Brightsideand Somebody Told Methat’ll never leave my brain, if I’m honest, and they do still have a solid fanbase. 
It makes sense, then, that The Killers reckoned they were entitled to free Chinese food for life after they discovered fast food chain Panda Express had used a line from one of their most famous songs as fortune cookie fodder. 
What the fuck, right? Let’s pack it down. 
The Killers tweeted a fortune that read “SMILE LIKE YOU MEAN IT”, either a reference to their song of the same name or maybe a regularly used expression that existed before they did (or perhaps this band has more of an influence on me than I know)? 
Either way, they’re being pretty chill about it, but they have one request: an unlimited supply of orange chicken until the day they die. 

Keen not to engage in any form of legal battle, Panda Express had a tongue in-cheek response that was also quite sweet, really. 
I only really have one question: why choose orange chicken? Granted, I don’t really know what that is, but if you were going to have Chinese food for life, surely you would want an endless supply of spring rolls? 
Either way, I have a feeling this could be the beginning of a beautiful partnership. 
Source: NME
Photo: Getty / Jeff Kravitz.