Rumours Are Swirling That The Jonas Brothers Might Be Reuniting For Real

In the age of every bloody thing under the sun copping a reboot or a revival, it’s hard to ignore the whispers that a big boy band of brothers from the 00s might be getting over their sibling angst and reuniting. Yep folks, we’re talking JoeNick, and Kevin. The Jonas Brothers. Welcome to 2019.

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The rumour mill around the Jonas bros is going off like a cut snake this week, as US Weekly reports that the trio is definitely up to SOMETHING considering last year they reactivated their long-dormant Instagram account which hasn’t been active since the horrid filters of 2013, Nick Jonas has recently been liking tweets about a reunion, and ~sources~ have said they’ve quietly met up to discuss plans for the future.

It’s been nearly six years since the three brothers announced the split of The Jonas Brothers, effectively shattering hearts across the world, and if the rumours are true, it’s looking like they’ll be creating sweet sweet music together again under the name JONAS, the same title as the short-lived Disney Channel series that the boys were in back in 2009.

Since the break-up, Joe has gone on to find success with DNCE and was a mentor of The Voice both overseas and here in Aus, Nick has forged a solo career, done some acting and married Priyanka Chopra, and Kevin has kept things pretty quiet.

As is expected, fans are going absolutely boonta about this news – but they’ve been burned with the whispers of a Jonas brothers reunion before, so some of them are a bit more cautious than others. But the overarching feeling is mostly screaming into the void about the slight possibility that something is happening with the Camp Rock heartthrobs.

While the whispers haven’t yet been confirmed by Camp Jonas just yet, please brace yourselves for the moment it happens, because we fear Twitter might just implode on itself out of sheer excitement.