The Jezebels Forced To Cancel World Tour As Member Battles Ovarian Cancer

We’re sending all the good feels to The Jezabels today, after it was announced the group’s forthcoming world tour is postponed until further notice while keyboardist Heather Shannon battles ovarian cancer.

A statement explained that Heather was diagnosed with a unique type of ovarian cancer three years ago, and has been able to “maintain life as usual generally, between treatments” but that things have taken a more serious turn of late.
The next step in her recovery means remaining in Sydney to undergo immediate treatment, with the group agreeing a tour to support their third album SYNTHIA was a no-go if not everyone could be present.

“We were very excited to be hitting the road again in support of our third album, SYNTHIA, but sadly due to a sudden turn of events Heather’s condition requires attention now so touring in the proposed time frame is no longer possible,” the statement read.
Heather shared the frustration she feels at having to can the tour, but assured fans they’d be back on the road as soon as she’s strong enough. 
“I feel a deep frustration at this new roadblock, as I now have to take a step back and undergo treatment. The band means so much to me, and cancelling the tour has been a very sad decision.

“I am hopeful that in the near future we will be back on the road again playing music we love… I feel very lucky to be in the care of the public health system here in Australia. I have met many inspiring people and I am receiving the best treatment possible.”
If you purchased a ticket and now need a refund, you can get your $$$ back from the point of purchase.
Get better soon, Heather <3
Photo: Supplied.