The Jezabels Endless Summer Tour Diary

The Jezabels are set to do to 2011/2012 what the Temper Trap did to 2009/2010.

The Jezabels On the Road tour diary gives an insight into the last year for the band that has seen them graduate from free shows at the Beach Road Hotel to selling out the likes of the Enmore Theatre (Sydney) and the Forum (Melbourne) not once but twice (to put it in perspective that’s the same run of shows that Arcade Fire did last time they were in the country for the Big Day Out tour.)

It’s hard not to fall a tad in love with the band as you watch scenes of them manning their own merch desk, posing happily for fan photos and just casually rolling around in road-cases (which they seem to spend a lot of time doing.) The only sign that the band could very well be starting to enjoy the trappings of success is a banana that’s consumed at 1min52sec that, if shot in Australia, could have very well set the tour budget back by around $5.57