The Growlers – Are you IN or are you OUT!?

I love spring, mainly because it preludes the concrete hop-step of summer’s 40 degree days while still bestowing the same blue skies, accompanied with a gentle breeze perfect for skateboarding and picnics. It’s this time of year that one assumes a kind of bohemian beach bum attitude; pretending like you’ve never owned a pair of shoes and serenading lovers with the music of Jack Johnson and The Beautiful Girls.

But if you’re a prolific creep and need some new surf tunes for this summer, don’t go past the sunshine infused and cheshire cat grin inducing sounds of The Growlers . Hailing from (of course) Long Beach, California the band consists of surfers, Brooks Nielson (vocals) Scott Montoya (bass guitar, vocals,), Matt Taylor (lead guitar, vocals) and Brian ‘don’t surf’ Stewart (drums, vocals).

According to their myspace,, The Growlers “have the ability to bend sound in ways only drugs can. By now this ‘bent sound’ has been perfected in their live act that some onlookers call ‘groovy’ and or ‘sick’. The groovy unexcelled value in Lo fidelity sound is their stock and trade”. Basically they’re a laid back fusion of surf/psychedelic/60’s rock…think The Japanese Motors, The Bungalows etc.

You can buy the 12″ or CD versions of their album Are You In Or Out from

Bonus: Here’s their most recent film clip for Little Miss Jack which reminds me of a Mighty Boosh musical number crossed with the Foo Fighters’ Everlong video! If you’re a fan of the show you’ll know what i’m talking about!