The Demise of V Festival?

With the festival scene skipping huge leaps and wonderful bounds of late it looks as though one of the front-runners could have torn a hammy.

Promoters of V Festival, Michael Coppel Presents announced on the weekend they would no longer be associated with the festival. Ouch.

That’s a bad break up, if you’ve ever seen one. They may have ended their relationship on Facebook and let them find out through their newsfeed.
Coppel Presents have been collaborating with the Virgin Group for the past three years and their decision to cut ties leaves the future of V Fest in serious †we need another promoter asap,’ mode.

Considering the events popularity and with Virgin’s super band ties, no doubt someone will jump on board the V train and bring it back to Oz next year.

To add salt to the break-up wound, Coppel have hinted they’ve got other festival-related projects in the steam works with a representative saying: ‘Michael Coppel Presents will also make further announcements regarding future festival presentations during 2010.’