Now here’s a cool idea if ever we saw one. The gang at EMI have realised that staring at a shitty little computer screen and listening to sound through your 2-bit speakers is not exactly how you’re supposed to experience epic video clips. To that end, they’ve designed the SeeSounds project, which for one night only focuses exclusively on Future Music headliners, Chemical Brothers. SeeSounds don’t do thing by halves; they’ve completely licensed and hired out a beautiful harbourside cinema so you can dress up, get loose and dance to your heart’s content to the British dance duo’s entire anthology with the kind of reckless abandon that you just can’t really justify in a sharehouse. It’s like a Chemical Brothers gig just for you and your mates, but the seats are a lot more comfortable and nobody smells.

Tickets are strictly limited to 260, so head to now to reserve yours. Word is Simon and Ed from the band might be rocking up too. So that’s only 258 tickets – unless you want to sit on their laps.