The Chats, Yr Fave Bong Shed Punks, Have Finally Announced Their Debut Album

Wrangle your group chat for a very celebratory visit to the pub for a pot and a steak with Diane sauce tonight because The Chats have just announced they’ve got their debut album on the way. Yep, the grubby little punk ratbags from the Sunny Coast have penned down enough earworms about slacking off at work and headed to the local for a feed to pull together an entire album. Absolutely bloody cheerin’.

[jwplayer oTUtyuBC]

High Risk Behaviour follows on from the lads’ last EP, Get It In Ya, and I’m sure it’s packed cover to cover with enough fast-paced shed rock you’ll probably get out of it with a crook neck and a thirst for a crisp Milton mango. It’s hitting us on March 27 through the band’s own label, Bargain Bin Records.

The name itself apparently comes from the tickets that drummer Matt Boggis was slapped with from the coppers for skateboarding in places he wasn’t meant to. After making a record goes off like a cut snake and a frog in a sock for a whole 28 minutes, the infringement scrawled on the tickets seemed a perfect fit.

High Risk Behaviour kicks off a massive 2020 for the bongshed punks, who have also found themselves on the Coachella lineup this year.

The Queensland trio has celebrated the announcement of their incoming musical sprog with a new single and accompanying video for a song called ‘The Clap’ which…look it’s about exactly what you think it is.

A wonderful little number about drawing the short straw and getting the clap from a root in the back of a ute. Literally who else would get away with a song like this?

Check it out below, and have fun having a song about gonorrhoea stuck in your brain for the rest of the day.