The Biggest Donor To Tigerlily’s Headspace Page Is Also A Grade-A Wanker



In a truly bangheadondesk.gif moment, the biggest benefactor of the Headspace fundraising page set up by Aussie DJ Tigerlily – real name Dara Hayes – in response to nude photos of her being leaked online also happens to be one of the douche-canoes she’s campaigning against.
If you missed the story last week, quick recap: the 23-year-old 

posted a entirely censored nude Snapchat video to her channel, covering her breasts and nether regions with emojis / drawings, but someone used a jailbreak app to remove the overlays before circulating it far and wide.

Understandably fkn furious that the photo of naked body was edited and distributed without her consent, Tigerlily condemned the leak as a “sex crime” before combating the violation of her privacy by doing some good – namely, by setting up a fundraising page for Headspace, a national youth foundation providing 
mental health and wellbeing support, information and services for young people “i

n order to support victims of bullying – both online and offline, all over Australia”.

“I’ve spoken out many times against misogyny, sexism and online bullying, and feel so strongly that as young people we should empower and support one another, rather than tearing each other down,” she said.
Tigerlily also donated a $5,000 chunk o’ change from her own back pocket to kickstart donations which, at the time this story was published, were sitting at $8,947 – verryyyyyyyy close to her $10K target after her management, Melbourne-based Lucky Ent, donated $1K overnight as a show of support.

But the biggest donation from a member of the public comes from someone named Josh Albrecht (presumably not his real name), who pledged a generous $530… and then proceeded to shit all over his gesture of goodwill by leaving a msg to let her know he had a “good wank” over the nudes.


Tigerlily passed on commenting, presumably grateful that he *did* at least make such a sizeable doantion, but a rep did confirm to PEDESTRIAN.TV that she has no personal connection to this dude / thinks it’s v. fucked.

If you’d like to donate to the campaign – and not be a gross dick about it in the process – hit up the fundraising page HERE.

And if you’re having a tough time and feel like you need to have a chat to someone, you can do that with the friendly folks at in person, via online chat, or by calling them on 1800 650 890.