The Bedroom Philosopher’s Best Hangover Ever

For those unfamiliar with inner-city suburban Melbourne, Northcote is the ‘creative’ precinct where coolness abounds by way of designer stores specializing in indie baby clothes, retro furniture boutiques with ‘Do Not Touch’ signs all over the Panton chairs and silent proprietors with sleeve tatts, laidback cafes with vintage game consoles and a shitload of Cooper’s Pale Ale drinkers, and rich 20-somethings wearing vintage clothes they spent hundreds of dollars on to look like extras from Oliver Twist.

Hipster Paradise.

Melbourne musical-comedian The Bedroom Philosopher has recently released an album inspired by his home city called Songs From The 86 Tram. The record is full of interesting insider observations on various suburbs and sub-cultures within Melbourne – including Northcote, which comprises a mobile phone conversation of a poseur muso Northcote local. It’s called “Northcote (So Hungover)”: