That One Time Lady Gaga Met Julian Assange

This unlikely assemblage of pixels and powerful contender for the Worlds Colliding Hall Of Fame right next to that blurry twitpic of James Bond and Jesse Pinkman hanging out at a Radiohead concert together, was taken yesterday at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London where Lady Gaga first met Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. The pair spent the day together – at the behest of M.I.A. no less – in Assange’s asylum cave in London for reasons we may never fully comprehend but can constantly speculate about. Our guesses:

1) They’re starting a second internet called The MonsterLeaks.
2) They talked about their one mutual friend M.I.A.
3) Mutually beneficial photo op.
4) They’re dating?
5) Brainstorming ideas for a Christmas album.
6) Lengthy discussion about the benefits of having white hair.
7) It doesn’t matter. All that matters is the existence of this photo.

Let’s just go with that last one.

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