That Frank Ocean Album Art Might Be Fake, But This Major Lazer “Lost” Cover Isn’t

The internet’s collective thirst for Frank Ocean‘s hyper-mysterious new album – allegedly entitled “Boys Don’t Cry” – runs about as deep as the Marianas Trench.

The long awaited follow-up to his 2012 major label debut channel ORANGE was announced by Ocean back in April, with a promised release date of “July.” Naturally, with us now being 22 days into that particular month, the fan interest and anticipation has been ramping up to fever pitch.
Things weren’t exactly helped by the appearance of what seemed like an album cover, which was posted earlier this month by a Frank Ocean fan Twitter feed.

‘Course anyone with a pair of eyes and a basic understanding of Photoshop could suggest that this was *probably* fake anyways – what with the image being A4 sized and generally looking reasonably slapped together – confirmation of its fakeness was officially confirmed today. As it turns out, the image of Frank sitting at his typewriter comes from one taken back in 2012 that Ocean subsequently reblogged on his Tumblr page.

So as far as any new hot takes on the album go, we’re pretty much back to square one. We do know that an album is coming at some point. We don’t know what its title will be. We do know that a magazine entitled Boys Don’t Cry will be packaged with the record, but that might not necessarily also be the album title. At the very least, the magazine will feature an interview with Lil B.
Beyond that, we know nothing.
What we CAN bring you today, as something of a consolation of sorts, is a cover of channel ORANGE hit “Lost,” as performed by Major Lazer and .

There’s 9 days left in July. Cross all your fingers, pals.

Photo: Tyler Kaufman via Getty Images.

via Complex.