Splendour in the Grass is over for another year, and those of you lucky enough to have partaken in the massive shindig are likely still shaking off the last stages of your recovery.

For most of us, that usually just entails sleeping off an extended hangover, or dragging our largely dusty butts back home from Byron, or even enduring the come down from a… let’s call it “festival high.”

A video that run some boonta numbers late yesterday evening, however, apparently showed one SITG punter in particular whose recovery time looked like being a hell of a lot longer.

The video, shared on Splendour’s Facebook page, seems to show a festival lad who has borked up his ankle so profoundly fkn badly, that his foot was turned around 180 degrees. Despite this, he still manages to get up and hobble off on his bad peg.

Be warned, this is definitely not for the squeamish.

Posted by Izzak Morris on Tuesday, 26 July 2016


That Broken Ankle Vid From SITG Is A Party Trick, But It’s Still Gnarly AF

Fortunately (and we use that term reasonably loosely) all is apparently not as it seems.

The lad in question goes by the name of Sam Cooper, and he’s apparently carrying with him one hell of a party trick. Whereas some people can dislocate their shoulders to slip through a tennis racket, he can put his bloody FOOT out of joint.

Actually, yeah. That explanation doesn’t make it any better, TBH. We repeat:

That Broken Ankle Vid From SITG Is A Party Trick, But It’s Still Gnarly AF

Cooper’s ruse was tracked down and exposed by Merrick Watts and Triple M earlier this afternoon, with the young lad not only fessing up to that, but to missing a portion of The Avalanches to uh… attend to some business.

Y’know, the kind of thing you’d immediately brag about on a national radio interview.

So there you have it. He’s a phoney. A big ole’ phoney.

The party trick is still absolutely goddamned gruesome, but at the very least it’s not going to end up on an episode of “Splendour’s Greatest Injuries” any time soon.

Source: Southern Cross Austereo/Supplied.