“Telephone” – Lady Gaga Feat. Beyonce

The video for “Telephone” by Lady Gaga featuring Beyonce is finally here and the nine minute epic is worth the wait.

Here is what happens when you make a music video with the two biggest female popstars in the universe:

It’s like a non-stop party of intertextual pop culture references. We’ve picked up the following:

‘Chicago: The Musical’
– ‘Girls Gone Wild’
– Virgin Mobile ad
– ‘Thelma And Louise’
– Lesbian burlesque
– ‘Kill Bill’ (cameo by Buck’s Pussy Wagon!)
– ‘Pulp Fiction’ (the diner scene)
– Food as sex (“Let’s Make A Sandwich”)
– Late 80s and early 90s hair bands like Warrant and Poison

What else?