Taylor Swift Just Wiped All Her Social Media Accounts And People Are Shook

In one sweeping gesture, Taylor Swift has set the internet on fire, wiping all her social media accounts clean and leaving only a blank space (baby), leading many to speculate that she may be gearing up for a major new release.

Overnight, posts began disappearing from all of Swift’s accounts, with her official website displaying just a black screen, and her accounts on major platforms like InstagramTwitter and Tumblr scrubbed completely of content.

Some speculate that Swift may have been hacked, although an attack across all of these platforms seems unlikely, and an album or single release seems like the more logical explanation, especially given that the MTV Video Music Awards are happening in just over a week, on August 27.

The singer’s representatives have not yet commented on the situation, which has only served to fuel speculation and drama, which is probably the way Taylor wants it TBH. Her fans on social media are displaying very little chill:


We’ll just have to wait and see whether #TS6 eventuates, but all the same, I am shooketh.

Swift recently made headlines when she won a lawsuit against former Denver DJ David Mueller, suing him for assault after claims he groped her during a 2013 meet and greet event.

She sought just $1 in damages, however, she has since made a “generous” donation to a foundation for victims of sexual assault, run by Law & Order: SVU actress Mariska Hargitay.