Gigi Hadid Watching Taylor Swift Perform At The VMAs Is Our Forever Wine Mum Mood

Taylor Swift VMAs

Taylor Swift‘s lush new album Lover came out last week, which was very convenient timing as the MTV VMAs are this week. Funny how that works, isn’t it! Anyway, Taylor of course opened the goddamn show like the pop royalty she is, performing her new bop “Lover” live for the first time as well as bonafide banger “You Need To Calm Down”.

[jwplayer NQjBCmN6]

There were of course many Swifties in the crowd of paying plebs, swinging their light-up wristband clad arms during her colourful LGBTQI-rights themed performance.

But it was actually those in the VIP seats who seem to have lost their actual minds over Tay’s set.

Check out Camila Cabello dancing like a boomer at a Fleetwood Mac concert after one too many overpriced Rieslings.

The girl literally cannot stop, roping in fellow singer Rosalía to stand nearby, bopping awkwardly.

Here’s Queen Latifah and later in the clip, DJ Khaled, both absolutely loving on Lover.

Gigi Hadid was MOVED, either by the song or the large glass of plonk she’s just downed.

Here’s Gigi (plus bonus Adriana Lima) in full Taylor Swift motion. It’s a VIBE.

Nev Shulman, the bloke from Catfish, was overcome with love for his missus during the set.

Let’s face it, the power of Taylor Swift compels you to bop, sway, boomer dance, kiss the nearest person… you just can’t resist it.

Queen for a reason.