WATCH: Taylor Swift Drops Teaser For ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ Film Clip

The official music video for the first single off Taylor Swift‘s sixth album ‘Reputation‘, ‘Look What You Made Me Do‘, is set to premiere on Sunday night local time at the MTV Video Music Awards.

She’s just dropped a teaser on Insty, giving us our first – albeit brief – glimpses of the upcoming video clip: a slow-motion car crash; a snake slithering up the side of her golden throne, Swift with claw-like gold fingernails and four snake rings; Swift playing with a diamond necklace, before biting into it; then swinging on a opulent swing in a giant birdcage; and finally the singer clad in black, flanked by male back-up dancers.

Brace for impact,” flashes up on the screen.

It’s a pretty sparse, evocative little vid, full of tension and DRAMA. And I’m really just keen to see where this goes.

The Awards are actually due to be hosted by definitely-not-a-Swiftie Katy Perry, whose ‘Swish Swish‘ video almost garnered as much fanfare as Swift’s single drop.

Swift also unveiled the magazine covers which will accompany the album’s sale in Target in the US, promising poetry and paintings, 16 pages of handwritten lyrics, personal photos, fashion portraits, behind-the-scenes video shoot photography and a poster.

Still we’ve got plenty of time before both the video clip and the album drop to dissect Swift’s first release in minute detail: is it really about Kimye? Or could some of the imagery from the lyrics actually be referring to her old flame actor Tom Hiddleston? 4000 words by Monday please.