Taylor Swift Beats Up Andy Samberg In Wild Commercial For Her Streaming Service

As you may or may not be aware, pop’s most entertaining mean girl Taylor Swift has a video streaming platform called Taylor Swift NOW, presumably named after the word she most enjoys shouting at her assistants and underlings.

The platform, a collaboration with cell phone and internet carrier AT&T, offers behind-the-scenes video content, music and commentary. The official website describes it as “the ultimate experience” for every Taylor fan, although it appears to only be available inside the US.

Anyway, that’s not important, because a new commercial launched overnight to promote the service, and it’s a wild bloody ride. The video, created by advertising powerhouse BBDO, purports to give us an insight into a day in the singer’s life, in a series of escalating incidents.

Highlights include Taylor playing with her kitty cat, crawling through air vents, Die Hard-style, and getting into an intense physical confrontation with Andy Samberg. The video also teases new music, but cuts out right before we get to hear any, because of course it does.


Tay’s new album Reputation arrives in November, so at this rate, you can expect her to continue dominating the news cycle for months to come.