Here’s How Swifties Are Reacting To Taylor’s New Bop With Brendon Urie

Taylor Swift is back, babey! Earlier this afternoon, the artist unleashed her new tune and music video for ‘Me!’, featuring angel boy Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco. 

[jwplayer ogf981l4]

A little while ago, Swift dramatically launched a countdown on her website to April 26. Prior to the abrupt change, the artist had started sharing a handful of pastel-themed pictures across her social media. Not to mention the butterfly emojis and glitter and rainbow and more glitter and rainbow filters. Take that and multiply it by a million and you have the ‘Me!’ music video. Really, I imagine ‘Me!’ is what happens when you stare directly into the centre of a Lush bath bomb. It’s sweet as hell but also a warm hug.

There’s the introduction in French, the kittens/young daughters, the dancing, Brendon Urie, and the Wizard-of-Oz-esque vibes. The fans, they must be screaming: “JE NE SUIS PAS CALME”.

The sugary bop marks the end of Swift’s Reputation era. At the beginning of the music video, a snake – quite literally – explodes into butterflies. Swift has shed her skin, she’s reborn, she’s outta that cocoon, she’s ready to fly…


Like that poor snake, Twitter has imploded. First off, fans have declared the snake-to-butterfly imagery the work of a pure genius.

Not to mention:

Secondly, Brendon Urie – that is all.

Thirdly, we are SCREAMING in colour.

Have a happy, happy Friday folks.