Taylor Swift Snuck In A Cheeky Shoutout To Blake & Ryan Via A Folklore Reference At The Grammys

taylor swift grammys blake ryan folklore

The Grammy Awards were chaotic and busy from go to whoa, some things definitely slipped by us – like Taylor Swift slyly thanking Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds through a kinda-cryptic folklore reference in her Grammys acceptance speech.

Taylor took home the gong for Album Of The Year at this year’s socially-distanced awards in Los Angeles alongside collaborators Jack Antonoff, Aaron DessnerLaura Sisk and Johnathon Low, and in her acceptance speech, she thanked a few familiar names as well.

First of all, she thanked her partner and co-writer Joe Alwyn – who co-wrote ‘exile‘ and ‘betty‘ under the pseudonym ‘William Bowery’, and has been writing with Taylor during the pandemic quarantine months – which was the first thing to send the stans into heart-swelling overdrive.

After that, she thanked “James, Ines, and Betty”, who are the main characters of the love triangle in folklore. But then she also thanked their parents, which was the tip-off for who she was really talking about; Blake and Ryan.

The real-life James, Ines, and Betty are Blake and Ryan’s three kids – so when Taylor said the parents are “the second and third people that I play every new song I write”, she meant the beloved celeb couple who love to take the piss out of themselves on the reg. Oh yep, love that.

A nice little treat for the Swifties, and anyone who’s a bit of a fan of Ryan and/or Blake. Or maybe anyone who’s in the middle of the Taylor Swift/Deadpool/Gossip Girl Venn diagram. This one’s absolutely for you.

The award itself if a massive, career-defining moment for Taylor, because with the win she also made history by becoming the first female artist to win the Album Of The Year three times. This year’s win joins her Grammys for Fearless in 2010 and 1989 in 2016.

Not only is Taylor the first female artist in Grammys history to take home the chocolates three times, but she’s now joined the Three-Timers Club alongside Paul SimonStevie Wonder, and Frank Sinatra. Bloody hell.