The best thing about Australia Day, Triple J’s Hottest 100, is fast approaching and the competition for 2014’s crème de la crème is, of course, tough. To reckon with the music snobbery that often plagues hottest 100 voting, a swarm of Taylor Swift fans – perhaps spurred by this encouragement spoon fed by Buzzfeed – have successfully infiltrated the Triple J vote to try and elevate their Queen to a position she so rightly deserves: number 1. You have to admire their commitment.
#Tay4Hottest100 has been gaining ground in the past day; a wayward hashtag supported ironically and by loyal fans alike, however, should naturally be taken with a grain of salt. Sportsbet, however, suggests otherwise.

Thar she blows. “Shake It Off”, a song that was played ~literally~ zero times on Triple J last year is being bet as the number four contender. Can you hear Hilltop Hoods loyalist bros weeping from here? I can, and it’s hilarious.

But let’s be real. It seems pretty unlikely that Tay will secure number 1, come January 26, but if The Hottest 100 truly is “The world’s biggest music democracy”, then let it be, so it goes, shake it off, et cetera. After all, a solo female artist has *never* won the Hottest 100 (Angus & Julia Stone being the closest to it in 2010). So would this be so terrible? Don’t bother answering that, haters.
You can vote for Taylor (or otherwise) in the hottest 100 here.