Taylor Swift Sent Her Opponent’s Lawyer To The Burn Unit During Her Assault Trial

While I love Taylor Swift, I also fear Taylor Swift, because let’s face it, you just don’t get to that level of celebrity without a little bit of that killer instinct, and a willingness to set your enemies on fire just to watch them burn.

Swift is currently in Denver, where she is suing a former radio DJ for assault over claims he groped her inappropriately at a meet and greet – she is seeking just $1 in damages and says she is pursuing the matter on principle. Yesterday, her opponent’s lawyer found out just how serious she is.

Gabe McFarland is representing former DJ David Mueller, who has claimed in a separate lawsuit that he lost his job because of Swift’s allegations. When McFarland faced the singer on the stand, Swift (who insisted on calling him by his first name – total power move) shut him down at every opportunity.

We have already reported on the trial and some key elements of Swift’s testimony, but more has since come to light in an NBC News report that highlights some of her sassier comebacks.

Photos of the incident in question show Swift awkwardly inching away from Mueller as he reaches behind her, although his lawyer tried to cast doubt on whether he had truly grabbed a “handful” of ass, as nobody saw exactly what happened.

“The only person who would have a direct eye line is someone laying underneath my skirt and we didn’t have anyone positioned there,” she shot back.

McFarland questioned why the front of her skirt did not appear to be lifted in the picture. “Because my ass is in the back of my body.” Well, clearly.

He also questioned the fact that Swift appears to be far away from Mueller in the picture, and pointed out that she seems to be standing a lot closer to his girlfriend Shannon Melcher.

“Yes, she did not have her hand on my ass,” Swift said.

McFarland also asked the singer why she continued her meet and greet on the night in question, saying  she could have taken a break if she was upset by the alleged assault.

“And your client could have taken a normal photo with me,” she told him. Yes, indeed.

Before she left the stand, McFarland asked Swift if she watched any shows based around police or the courts. She joked that she has a cat called Olivia Benson, named  after the character from Law and Order: Special Victims Unit

Jeez, Gabe, everyone knows that.


The trial is ongoing.