Taylor Swift, queen of Easter eggs, is back at it again and eagle-eyed fans think they’ve figured out exactly what she’s hinting at this time.

Swift celebrated her 33rd birthday on December 13 and in an Instagram post that was a true gift to Swifties everywhere, she announced she was back in the studio.

The pic showed the star next to longtime collaborator and straight-up genius Jack Antonoff in the recording studio holding up three fingers on each hand. But, in true Swifties style, fans have begun speculating online that there’s more to this post than what meets the eye.

TikToker NicksMyName, went viral for discussing all the possible easter eggs in Swift’s post, specifically clues relating to her album re-releases.

Now hold on to your hats people ‘cos Ms. Swift has given us a LOT of information to get through.


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♬ Bejeweled – Taylor Swift

First, there are the hands with double three signs. Whilst it is her 33rd birthday, NicksMyName theorises that it could indicate she’s dropping the re-release of her third studio album. AKA Speak Now. AKA 12-year-old me is SCREAMING.

NicksMyName also pointed out that 3/3 could be the date of the re-release. If so, transport me to March 3rd ASAP, please. March 3 also happens to be a Friday, which is the most common day for artists to drop new music. Now that could be a coincidence, but if I know Taylor, it probably isn’t.

But, NicksMyName doesn’t stop there. He also discussed more clues hinting at this being a Da Vinci Code-esque announcement of Speak Now, namely the purple filter. Hello, purple? Is there anything more Speak Now than purple?!


Replying to @Diana WHAT TF DOES IT MEAN TAYLOR?? #greenscreen #taylorswift #swifttok #swiftie #taylorsversion #happybirthdaytaylor #happybirthdaytaylorswift #speaknow #speaknowtv #speaknowtaylorsversion #taylorswifttok @Taylor Swift @Taylor Nation

♬ original sound – NicksMyName

In a follow-up video, NicksMyName theorised some possible clues for albums other than Speak Now. The polaroid on the keyboard could be a 1989 Easter egg and the dollar bill on the piano has been leading fans to believe we’re getting Reputation next. That one was also Swift’s sixth studio album and 3+3=6, y’know.

Regardless of what album The Queen of Breadcrumbing releases next, you can bet I’ll have it on repeat for seven to 10 business days following its release.

Image: Instagram / @taylorswift / TikTok / @nickpalmai1