Take a Tour of Justin Bieber’s Expensive New L.A. #Swag Pad

Highly-swaggy individual, erstwhile teenage dream, defensive stripper, and above-average earner Justin Bieber has just signed a lease on a new Beverly Hills mansion for a cool $59,000 per month, and it’s … shockingly really nice.
The imposing glass house, designed by architect Ed Niles, has come to be known as the ‘salad spinner’. It recently sold for a shade over $10.5 million, but the owners are clearly okay with J-Biebs and his syrup-sipping posse trashing the place.
Per the listing, it features six bedrooms, perfect for filers of future Bieber paternity suits, a six-car garage, six-and-a-half bathrooms and a fucking elevator, but the real selling point is the infinity pool, looking out over the Los Angeles skyline.
TBH, we were going to make a crack about how infinity pools were passé when Sandy and Kirsten Cohen had one, but if someone offered us an infinity pool overlooking the L.A. skyline, we wouldn’t turn that shit down.
Take a look at what a tragically-stunted childhood and a life lived perpetually in the public eye will get you, and try not to feel the cold fingers of future rehab stints, diminishing album sales and those aforementioned paternity suits:

via Defamer
Images via Redfin