SURPRISE, FOOLS: Missy Elliott Drops Comeback Banger ‘WTF’, Ft. Pharrell

Listen up everyone
We have just been informed that there’s an unknown banger that’s attacking all clubs
Symptoms have been said to be heavy breathing, wild dancing, coughing
So when you hear the sound (Whooo!)
Run for cover, cover, cover

After years spent doing fuck knows what, Missy Elliott has dropped a new single – ‘WTF’ feat. Pharrell Williams – and it’s reverberating comeback amazingness.
We don’t wanna spoil this here moment for you, but Saturday Night Live‘s Stefon sums up the 10/10 Missy video pretty perfectly:
“This video has everything. Missy rapping. Les Twins, who have been rocking Beyoncé’s latest tours. Missy with disco ball lips. Lens flares. A Pharrell marionette…”
But the best bit comes at the very end, when dancers hop on HOVERBOARDS for a spot of casual breakdancing.

Welcome back, Missy Misdemeanor.