Are you ready to gag on this eleganza? Well, OG Sugababes member Keisha Buchanan has practically confirmed that the iconic 00’s trio still together, and that we should also be expecting new tunes from the girls real soon. Yes. We’re actually shaking.

Keisha Buchanan casually broke the internet when explaining how a recent story had sensationalised a joke she made about Prince Charles. It had essentially pushed her buttons. (Yes, I’m taking it there.)

“My friend hit me up today about an article in the paper telling the story of how I made a “joke” regarding Prince Charles… I absolutely love EVERYONE in the Royal family & like most people Diana. There was nothing to sensational about it.”

She then added this little gem:

This obviously kicked up a fucking frenzy on Twitter, with many rightly assuming that she was hinting the gang was back together.

To add more fuel to the photo she posted another screenshot, saying “We WILL be snatching wigs when we are ready! We will explain the delay when it’s time.

We genuinely believe you, Keisha: we already know these new tunes will be pure fire. You can’t rush excellence, after all.

That’s all the information we’ve been blessed with for now, but at least we know a reunion is on the cards. “Round, Round”, “Push The Button”, “Too Lost In You”, take 2? Oh, the shivers.

For now, grab ya iPod Classic, shuffle all the Sugababes classics, grab the AUX and crank the volume on this beautiful Friday afternoon. What a time. What a vibe. Wig snatched.