Stream The New Grates Album Now

The Grates release their New York informed Secret Rituals this Friday but if you have functioning ears and an internet connection you can now listen to the whole thing on the band’s official Youtube channel. Each video mirrors the black and white austerity of their “Turn Me On” clip but with less discernible editing and/or symbolism. We started at “Young Pricks” ’cause there sure is a lot of them these days. So far so good.

Secret Rituals hits shelves July 22 via Dew Process.

The Grates – Turn Me On

The Grates – Sweet Dream

The Grates – Like You Could Have It All

The Grates – Change

The Grates – Crying All Night

The Grates – Welcome To The Middle

The Grates – The Night Won’t Start Without Us

The Grates – Young Pricks

The Grates – Borrowed Skin

The Grates – With You

The Grates – Moving On