Similar to Italian Stallion / model / actor Fabio Lanzoni, Aussie legend Sophie Lowe is a ‘slashie’ in all senses of the word. The singer / songwriter / actor / model has been kicking some serious career goals of late, having just finished filming Above Suspicion in Kentucky a month ago before returning Down Under to release her new banger Mean

“I’ve had a lot of people say that they can relate to it and that’s exactly what I wanted,” says Lowe about her new track.

“When I was in LA in July I met up with these two producers called TWINKIDS – I was really nervous because I’m used to working with someone who knows me inside out, and who knows how weird I am.”  

Mean is copping praise similar to what her 2015 songs Understand and Pink Flowers received upon their release, which is kinda / sorta to be expected from a woman so bloody talented. With great talent, however, comes a great social media following. As Lowe’s public profile steam rolls ahead, people whose internet connection should be severed for eternity have emerged to shit on everything. 

Strayan Slashie Sophie Lowe Goes In On Online D-Bags & Chillin’ W/ Khaleesi

“I’ll get weird messages, like very strange things,” says Lowe. “I don’t really listen, I kind of think it’s funny. You can’t take it seriously otherwise it’ll screw you up.” 

Although having thick skin, there was one cooked asshole who managed to get to Lowe early on in her career. 

“He was annoyed because I wasn’t responding to him, I think. He told me I was a slut, that I should do pornos and stuff like that. I was only 18 so it was hard to hear.”

“I don’t know what someone would be thinking to say that to an 18-year-old girl.”

She’s well and truly shaken it off though, saying to the fuck knuckles of the internet: “I’m living my dream, so byeeeeee.”

Strayan Slashie Sophie Lowe Goes In On Online D-Bags & Chillin’ W/ Khaleesi

“They must be really sad people. For you to just make fun of people for fun, you must be really insecure. No one in their right mind would want to do that.”

Lowe reckons (and so do we) that there should be some degree of accountability for cyber bullying.

“In school, if you bully someone you get punished. There’s no punishment, so there’s no control of it.”

“When someone does something seriously bad – if someone was to harm themselves because of something someone’s said to them online – they should be held accountable.” 

Amen, Sophie. A-fucking-men. 

As mentioned, Lowe will feature in Above Suspicion – a movie jam-packed with stars like GoT‘s Emilia Clarke, Johnny Knoxville and Thora Birch

“It just happened so quickly. I was there and then it finished. I had to ask myself what’d just happened.”

Strayan Slashie Sophie Lowe Goes In On Online D-Bags & Chillin’ W/ Khaleesi

As you’d surely agree, chilling with Daenerys Targaryen on a film set would be one way to ensure time flies by. 

“Working with Emilia Clarke was pretty cool.”

“I remember thinking, ‘I was just watching you in Game of Thrones and now you’re in front of me.’ I tried not to fan out. I told myself, ‘be professional’ but I kept on wanting to yell, ‘DRAGONS’.”

Lowe had a similar experience with Knoxville, saying, “I’d catch myself thinking, ‘Woah, am I in Jackass right now?’”


You can get amongst Sophie Lowe’s latest banger by heading over HERE

Photo: Sophie Lowe / Facebook.