‘Stranger Things’ & ‘Twin Peaks’ Now Has That Inevitable Theme Song Mash-Up

Just because we’re not quite at Stranger Things saturation point – and because pop culture will always have a special place in its heart for Twin Peaks – some absolute wildcards have successfully smooshed those two worlds together, and we’re not even mad at ’em for it.

Cover act Prom Queen took the lead from the shared ~ eerie ~ vibe between the shows and figured it’d apply to the theme music, too. Welp, they were bloody right. Angelo Badalamenti’s instantly recognisable Twin Peaks motif slots quite handily over Stranger Things’ pulsing synth, and it’s making us nostalgic for both shows.

Of course, the next batch of David Lynch’s TV masterpiece is expected to drop next year, and Netflix’s surprise smash hit is lookin’ to return in 2017 too. Until then, though…