Stoney Roads Bro ‘Cotman’ Spills Guts Re: Worst Travel Experience

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Co-Founder of Stoney Roads and noted Dance Music Fan, Andrew Cotman, knows insane travel stories and can give ALL the tips. Sure, they’re usually related to some massive dance music festival on the other side of the world but for anyone who has ever had a travel experience of any genre you may want to consider entering the Holiday Replay competition, in which Aussie globetrotters can win $20k to re-do their worst ever holiday experience. All they need in return is a story. Here’s one from Cotman:

What happened on the holiday you wish you could replay?

It was a few years ago – back in 2011 – I first hopped off the plane in Amsterdam then headed off to Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland, Paris and London! I didn’t take anywhere near enough money to survive, but was with friends and had a far-off return date back to Australia. Worst part was when I left behind a wad of cash at an exchange, which the attendant denied ever seeing. I also found that my ability to gauge the value of local currencies is WAY off and often I paid double or triple too much (derp). Turns out, baked beans are a universal thing!

Still, it was worth it. Travels squashes those hunger pains and debt heaviness till months after 😉

If you were able to do it all again, what would you change?

Organise my finances a little better and pre-book accommodation and festivals. If you need cash before you go do anything and everything for the money, plus arrange for a card before you leave.

Despite all that, what were some of the highlights of visiting that destination?

The people and culture. Europeans in most countries are friendly, as long as you’re not an Australian-flag-as-a-cape-wearing bogan. Definitely head to Denmark – the people are too damn attractive!

Any other tales that come in second place for worst travel experience?

An allergic reaction to a bee sting. It managed to slip into my shoe in Switzerland at the start of a nice day and meant a painful week of hobbling around with a swollen foot the size of a ski boot :/

From all you’ve learned on your many overseas adventures, what are your top tips for trotting the globe?

Give European festivals a go. They’re 3-4 times bigger, plus the acts on show and friendly people trump Australia (sorry, Australia).

Have you ever lost your cash travelling? We know that feel bro. It hurts. It probably still hurts, but If you 
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