All told, there are probably way fewer arseholes in festival crowds than you might think, but they tend to get the most attention due to the high visibility of their outfits, and the fact that their sweaty rigs are right up in your face as they try to pick fights with you / each-other / everybody.

Last week, a group of bros decided to punch on in dramatic fashion at Sydney’s Stereosonic, and the brawl proceeded to go viral as hell, so much so that it caught the attention of Frank Cotela, one of the co-founders of the Stereosonic festival, who took to Facebook to vent about the culture of getting #swole and the dickhead behaviour it inspires at festivals:

“Everyone is over The Roid up Bro’s muscle culture, can’t they just see that they are a laughing stock… Brother EVERYONE is laughing at your Shorts, singlets, fake tans, bumbags and cartoon shaped bodies … but more importantly we are sick of the charged up violence you bring… time for a change! – If it means that we will profile you at entry point and stop you entering – you will be stopped! 40 dumb khunts are not going to spoil a great day enjoyed by thousands! – #brothernoonegivesafuckaboutyourbody?”

Cotela was responding specifically to this rant, by a Sunshine Coast journalism student, about the culture of jacked bros doing dumb shit at festivals:

Post by Joel Bevilacqua.

It’s nice to know that the people behind Stereosonic are aware of what goes on, and are keen to stick up for festival-goers who are literally just there to enjoy the music. We have no idea what Cotela’s words might mean for the future of the festival, or how an attempt to weed out potentially dangerous punters at festival entry points might work, we can probably expect to hear a lot more about this very soon. 

Image via Facebook