Stereolab’s Laetitia Sadier Goes Solo

The best person in Stereolab is Laetitia Sadier because of her bilingual singing, lefty politico lyrics, tencel jean-wearing fashion ambivalence, and non-descript singsong voice. Stereolab pulled the pin indefinitely last March, but Sadier – the poster girl of alt-Nineties cool, is going to release her first solo album this September to be called The Trip.

01 One Million Year Trip
02 Fluid Sand
03 Our Interest Are the Same
04 The Natural Child
05 Statues Can Bend
06 By the Sea
07 Unfasten
08 Un Soir, Un Chien
09 Another Monster
10 Ceci Est Le Coeur
11 Summertime
12 Release, Open Your Little Earthling Hands

Via P4k