Stevie Wonder played at The Star last night. You probably didn’t see him because you’re not rich or famous.
The official relaunch of Sydney’s perennially unloved casino saw the stars turn out in force for the Motown legend. He was introduced by Leonardo DiCaprio as his “favourite artist of all time,” and watched by a A-list crowd which included Elle Macpherson, Tobey Maguire, Sacha Baron Cohen and Adrien Grenier .
Wonder will play again tonight at the venue’s Lyric Theatre, but you can’t afford it. No jokes, you probably can’t.
Despite the fact that the venue operators dropped the ticket prices from $800 to a totally reasonable $500 to try and flog remaining stall seats, it’s still ludicrous. This only proves that live entertainment in Australia has become unfathomably expensive. It also subscribes to the recent golden rule of our music festivals: thou shalt be overpriced and undersold. Says a source close to Pedestrian: “Anyone there our age was either [DJ] Tenzin, [trumpet-playing DJ sidekick] Timmy Trumpet or a model.”
Actual Stevie Wonder fans will also recall that he penned a hit in 1973 all about poor kids trying to get along in life despite insurmountable odds. Pretty sure The Star won’t have that as part of the performance that will make them enough to buy a new Audi a minute.

via Daily Telegraph.