Springsteen Gig Cut Because No One Is The Boss Of London Police

Two legends of rock and roll shared the stage in London’s Hyde Park on Saturday Night: Bruce “the Boss” Springsteen and Paul “the Beatles” McCartney were united in song for the encore of a huge concert by Bruce and his E Street Band when, literally, the plug was pulled on the gig – and mid-song no less! – after the Boss-Macca jam session went thirty minutes past the concert curfew time of 10.30pm.

At the behest of London Police concert organisers were made to silence the mics of two of the world’s great musicians forcing them to leave the stage – and right in the middle of this mega mix of classic hits:

Paul McCartney is a knight, not to mention a freaking Beatle, which surely means he’s above the law in almost every case? The crowd was outraged, as was E Street Band guitarist Steven Van Zandt who turned to Twitter to express his outrage:


Main image by Kevin Winter, Getty Images.