If you’re a fan of Spotify‘s yearly reports on your listening habits, they’ve got a nice little treat for you. That shit’s now available all the bloody time. 

Launching today, Spotify.me chronicles your recent and lifetime listening habits, including your most-listened to artist, favourite genres and busiest listening times. 

The website debuted at the Cannes Lions Festival and highlights just how much a person’s listening habits can define them. It’s also quite accurate in an eerie way.

According to the page, my most-listened to artist is Between the Buried and Me, my top track is Can’t Do Without You by Caribou and 81 percent of my tracks are energetic. It also knows that I enjoy all flavours of the audio spectrum. 

“We might call users like you Eclectics—bouncing around from genre to genre, open to hearing anything,” the page says. Yep, that sounds about right. 

“YOU ARE HIGH ENERGY! We can’t seem to find any chill music in your recent streaming history. What’s it like living life at a 10?” Yeah, it’s pretty fuckin’ mad, thanks.

Spotify Can Now Analyse Your Soul, Will Judge You Via Your Listening Habits

It’s just another way the company are integrating AI into their user experience. They recently poached one of the world’s best musical AI experts from Sony, François Pachet, to develop all sorts of crazy shit, including music created by AI itself. 

To get your own stats, simply go here and sign in with your Spotify login details. 

Photo: Baby Driver.