Your fave playlists from Spotify Australia are slowly but surely coming to life, and the next on the list is A1 – the highly-curated hip-hop playlist featuring a bunch of wildly talented Aussie acts at an intimate venue in Sydney.

The first edition of A1 Live will kick out the walls at Sydney’s Metro Theatre on Thursday, November 7, and a whole bevvy of incredible emerging talent is set to spit bars across the whole night.

A huge smorgasbord of local talent will be showcased at the first edition of the live Spotify Australia playlist, with Triple One, Manu CrooksKwameJessBHooligan Hefs, and Sophiegrophy set to take to the stage.

A1 Live follows the Front Left Live shows that have seen the likes of King PrincessCosmo’s Midnight, and Baker Boy play a marathon five-hour mini-festival in Sydney last year and is headed to Melbourne next month with Dominic FikeTones And I, and Tove Lo.

They’ve both hit capacity with tickets, so it’s clear that the people really wanna see their beloved playlists in the flesh.

I for one am very keen on Hooligan Hefs – a rapper from Doonside in  Western Sydney who somehow blends grime with straight-up muzz-worthy EDM in his track ‘No Effect’ from earlier this year. Imagine the whole Metro exploding to this, the whole place is going to be ripped apart from the inside out.

Chuck your hat into the ring to score yourself tickets over on the Spotify Australia website, I reckon this one’s going to be pretty fucken large.

Image: Supplied