SPOOKY: This ‘Stranger Things’ / Childish Gambino Mashup Is Somehow Amazing

There’s two things we know to be absolutely true about Netflix‘s hella spooky smash hit series ‘Stranger Things‘:

  1. Barb requires swift and merciless justice.
  2. The main theme is an absolute, stone cold, certified hit.
There’s also two things we know to be absolutely true about Donald Glover‘s hip hop alter-ego Childish Gambino:
  1. People like him.
  2. No, seriously. People really, really, really like him.
So mashing the two together in some way was always probably going to produce intensely good results no matter what. But none of us here in the PEDESTRIAN.TV offices were expecting it to be *this* good.
An intrepid Soundcloud user by the name of ‘kmlkmljkl‘ (go ahead and try and pronounce that one if you’re game) has smashed together the stonking great beat from the ‘Stranger Things‘ theme song with the pounding (if not, y’know, kinda questionable) lyrics from Gambino’s ‘Bonfire‘ and it’s… it’s…

A spooky-ass banger, just in time for Halloween.
The Monster Mash‘ might finally have some legit competition.

Source: Soundcloud.